Finish Well


“It is better to finish something than to start it. It is better to be patient than to be proud.” Ecclesiastes 7:8

We’re now hitting the middle of February. Many of us who have made New Year’s resolutions back at the start of the year will have long forgotten them. Can you remember the ones you made? Research shows that only 8% of people who made New Year’s resolutions actually stick at them. In life it can be much easier to start something than finish it.

The Bible is saying that it can be like that too in our lives as Christians. We can start out doing something for God, start out serving in Church, start a Bible reading plan, commit to fasting regularly, but we times get tough, we can easily get distracted or discouraged and then quit.

But, to be people sold-out for Jesus, we need to not just start something but to it finish too. Be sure to ‘finish’ all the things God is calling you to, and not just ‘finish’, but ‘finish well’.

Cube Challenge: Ask God to give you strength and courage today to keep on giving your all for Jesus, even when times get tough and you face tough stuff, so that you do the things the Bible asks you to do and to ‘finish well’ in your journey with God


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