Radical Love – Part 2


“I give you a new command: love each other. You must love each other as I have loved you” John 13:34 (NCV)

It can sometimes be much easier to love those who don’t know God, than our mates at Cube or in Church, or  those we hang around on a regular basis.

It can be so easy at times to take those around us for granted and often our love goes cold for them without even realizing it. To be people who really shout God and make a difference to those around us, we need to show the love of Jesus’ to one another. The Bible here is saying we need to love each other as I have loved you. This is pretty radical love. To love each other like Jesus loved us is huge!

But what does this look like? Well it means showing radical love when other Cubers annoy you, when people hurt or offend. It doesn’t ignore peoples’ problems or attitudes, but chooses to love anyway. We can only love like Jesus if we stay close to Jesus – in prayer, in worship, in reading the Bible. The more you stay close to Jesus, the more you become like Him and shine His love to others.

Cube Challenge: Be a person of radical love today! Today think of one act of love, kindness or generosity you can do to another Christian mate, step out and do it. But doing this, you please God, and shout Him to the world around you. 

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