staying close to God

“You are my help. Because of your protection, I sing. I stay close to you; you support me with your right hand“. –  Psalm 63:7-8 (NCV)

I’m pretty sure most of us will have heard or sang the song as a kid ‘He’s got the whole world in His hands’. We might find it chessey even, to think about it now. But it’s a fact. God is so totally massive, that He not only holds this world in the palm of His hand, but holds this Universe in His hand. But today’s verse says you support me with your right hand. This massive God who holds the universe in His hand is more than able support us when go through hard times, and when we feel like quitting. But there’s a condition to this verse, it says I stay close to you. To be people who really meet with God, who really know God’s support, strength and power in our lives, we need to be people who stay close to Him.

Cube Challenge: As you get nearer the weekend, be sure to be a person who stays close to God this weekend.

 Use any spare time you have; when you’re walking, on a car journey on a lunch break – talk to God. Be sure to stay as close to Him as you can!

 He loves you and wants to hear from you and be involved in your life all the time, He’s always listening.  


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