Safety Zone

safety zone

“My God is my rock. I can run to him for safety. He is my shield and my saving strength, my defender” Psalm 18:2 (NCV)

Are you a fan of war films ?

Well, as you probably know, in the majority of war films out there, the general story is about a raging battle between two sides, trying to destroy the other side to gain victory and conquer their land. Although, in war films when one side is under attack there is generally a safe place they can hide, whether it’s an army base, a bunker, a safe house or cave. There’s always a safe place they can hide from their enemies trying to take them out, keeping them from being taken out.

Well, it can be like this in our journey with God too. Like the war films, we all have an enemy (the devil) who personally hates us and is out to take us down, but as today’s verse says  my God is my rock, I can run to him for safety .

When it seems like were spiritually under attack with the enemy tempting us, trying to make us depressed, trying to get us doubtful, making us feel stressed, agitated or worn out there is a place we can run to, a safety zone. This is a place where we can run to for protection, comfort and freedom. The safety zone is God’s presence.

Cube Challenge: Feeling under attack spiritually? Run into the safety zone God gives us. Spend at least 35 minutes this morning praying, ask God to help you, protect, comfort and strengthen you in the midst of spiritual attack.


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