Night Owl

the night owl

“I praise the Lord because he advises me. Even at night I feel his leading.” Psalm 16:7 (NCV)

Are you a morning or an evening person? Even if you’re a morning person have you ever stayed up at home just a little bit later than everyone else, so it’s all quiet, as everyone else has gone to bed?

When you’re up late alone, it can be peaceful and quiet as the business of the day is over, there is little noise, hustle and bustle. Well this is what the writer of today’s verse experienced as well. Except, the writer didn’t spend his late nights eating, watching TV, texting mates, surfing the internet or on Facebook.  No, he used these quiet, lone hours well. The writer said ‘Even at night I feel his leading’, he stayed up late to meet with God, to speak to Him, thank Him, and allow Him to speak.

Cube Challenge:  Why not the use last 30 minutes of your day to meet with God. When it’s all quiet put on some Christian music, pray to God, ask His advice, thank Him, talk to Him, and get to know Him. He definitely wants to meet with you. 

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