“I keep the Lord before me always. Because he is close by my side, I will not be hurt.” Psalm 16:8 (NCV)

Are you an apple or android fan? Whatever your choice of smartphone, we all know the importance of connectivity. Whether to a WiFi or 3G connection, for your phone to work properly, for you to get the best out of all the apps, you need to be connected. It’s like that too in our journey with God too.

To be ‘Burning Ones’ for Jesus, to be people who reflect Him to this world, we must be connected to Him. We can’t only be connected from time to time; we need to be continually connected. Today’s verse says I keep the Lord before me always, and He is close by my side. Are you someone that takes time throughout each day to make sure you’re connected to God, that you turn your thoughts and feelings towards God, continually asking Him things, talking to Him, and walking with Him like a friend. Be connected today.

Cube Challenge: Be sure to be connected to God today. Whatever you’re doing, on the bus, at school, going to the shops, take time to think about God, remember God and talk to Him. Try and do this as much as you can. God loves you so much and wants to meet with you all the time! Stay connected!

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