“I am the beginning and the end. I am the only God. Who is a god like me?” Isaiah 44:6-7 (NCV)

I dunno about you, but to most people the idea of someone rising from the dead is completely nuts. People don’t rise from the dead, when they die that’s it, they’ve had it. No matter how good of a life they’ve lived or how important a person they were, everyone has to die.

But today is Easter Sunday and we as Christians celebrate how Jesus Christ rose from the dead after being dead in a tomb for three days. This is unique to Christianity, no other faith in the world has ever has ever had any of their leaders come back from the dead, it just doesn’t happen.

But proving that He was fully human and fully God, Jesus came back from the dead. This proves that He was God and that His words are true. Today’s verse says who is a god like me? – the nature of our God is unique , He’s awesome, He’s true, He’s amazing, there is no one else like Him, He’s incomparable.

Cube Challenge:  Take step out and take a risk. Try to spark up at least one conversation today about Jesus; His life and resurrection to a friend or family member that doesn’t know Him yet. Share the true message of hope that Easter brings today. 


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