One Way


“There is only one God, and one way human beings can reach God. That way is through Christ Jesus, who is himself human.” 1 Timothy 2:5 (NCV)

If you spoke to someone asking them directions from Wolverhampton to London they would tell you exactly which road to take. There is only a certain road you can take to get you to London, if you take the wrong road, you could end up in the wrong direction! You could end up in the north, in wales or even Scotland.

 In the same way that there is a specific road to get from Wolves to London, it’s like that when it comes to God. The only way we can reach God is through Jesus and what He accomplished on the cross. Trying to do loads of good deeds, trying to be more religious, looking to different gods from other faiths will never bring you closer to God, it’s only through Jesus that we can know God as our Father.

So what does this mean practically? Well it means when you mess up, when you sin, when you do what you know is wrong,  you don’t need to keep beating yourself up, you don’t need to feel down on yourself, but instead come to Jesus, look to Him, He will forgive you and help you overcome the struggles  you face. There’s only one way to God: Jesus. There’s only one way back to God: Jesus.

Cube Challenge: Spend 15 minutes today drawing back to God. For the things were you know you’ve messed up over the past few days. Don’t forget to bring these things to God. Look to Jesus, ask His forgiveness and help to overcome the sin, failings and weaknesses you have had.

Don’t hold onto sin, but keep turning to God and allow Him to forgive you and change you to make you more like Jesus. 

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