Taking it to the streets



“I have seen you in the temple; I have seen your strength and glory. Because your love is better than life, I will praise you.” Psalm 63:3 (NCV)

Have you ever been in a temple? Well in the Old Testament part of the Bible, to worship God, people had to go to a huge temple to meet with God. But now in the New Testament we don’t need to meet with God in a special building, whenever Christians come together, God is able to meet with us. In Church, MTC, Connect groups or church on Sundays; you might have experienced God in a very real way in some of these meetings. Well the writer of today’s verse says “I have seen you in the temple; I have seen your strength and glory”.

This writer met with God a huge temple building; he said he saw the strength and glory of God. Have you ever seen the strength and glory of God in a meeting? God’s strength and glory can often be talking about when God shows His power, through things like healing the sick, miracles and prophecies.

We can all see the  cool stuff  God can do on YouTube, on DVD’s, in Church, Cube, MTC or other meetings, but God want us to take it to the streets. He wants to use normal people like us to see people who don’t yet know Him meet with Him in a powerful way, out on the streets, in the shops, in the park, etc.

Cube Challenge: Step out today. Why not take it to the streets; all the cool stuff God does in church meetings can be seen outside too – God wants to use you! Come along to Cube Street today, it starts from 430-6pm – meet in the main church building. 


Media: Check out some of these inspiring videos about what God does, when people step out for Him by taking their faith to the streets.

Clip 1: Todd White in New York – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKkkDr9G32o

Clip 2:  “Treasure Hunting” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khp9QQTDO4E


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