No servant can serve two masters. The servant will hate one master and love the other .. You cannot serve both God and worldly riches.” Luke 16:13 (NCV)

Do you get pocket money or a monthly allowance from your parents or grandparents? If you do, I bet you can’t wait to get it each month. What do you spend it on? Most will probably say, clothes, mobile apps, going to the cinema, going to the pub, having a coffee with your mates or buying the latest video game. The are loads of things we can enjoy spending our money on. It’s not wrong to necessarily have nice things or want to get money in life, but its so important we are careful what value we place on money. There is an old saying that goes; money is a good servant, but a bad master. You have money, but it mustn’t have you!

Sometimes it can be easy to copy the world that doesn’t know God and live obsessed with money, how to get money, how to make more – this can dominate us and make us greedy. God wants Himself to be first place in our hearts not money. Today’s verse says you cannot serve both God and worldly riches – we have to make the choice to really serve God with a burning heart and what we do with our money will reflect how much we are burning for Jesus.

We have to be careful with our money and be super wise in how we use it – we need right priorities when it comes to money, we need God’s perspective.

Cube Challenge: Ask God today to help you to be wise, generous and careful in how you use your money, ask Him to keep you from being more devoted to money than Jesus. 

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