The toughest exam


“Lord you have examined me and know all about me. .. You know my thoughts before I think them.” Psalm 139:1-2 (NCV)

You a fan of school exams?

A lot of people like exams, some hate them and some prefer coursework. Well you know how in exams how your work gets tested and checked to make sure it is right, that it is to a good enough standard to pass the test that you’ve got to do.

Well it can be like this a little bit too with God. Today’s verse from Psalm 139 talks about how the Lord examines us. The Bible here is saying He knows all our thoughts before we even think them. That’s a little be scary isn’t it? God knows all our thoughts. And God isn’t like us in the sense that He never has had a bad thought about anyone, ever. If we were to sit an exam on how pure, how good, how encouraging all the thoughts are, past present and future, do you think you would pass?

God loves us so much and is so forgiving, but He too is perfect and super good, but He wants us, His children to be just like Him. He wants us to honour Him in the way we think about life, about ourselves about other people. We can all get tempted to think thoughts of anger, lust, revenge, greed and so on. But the Bible talks about how God can help us to overcome bad thoughts and resist temptations to think on the wrong things.

Cube Challenge: Ask God today to help you live a life of clean thinking, to resist temptations in your thought life and to honour Him, yourself and others with how you think.

Pass the exam!

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