Earth and sky will be destroyed but the words I have spoken will never be destroyed.” Luke 21:33 (NCV)

Ever seen one of those Sci-Fi films about the end of the world? If you’re a fan of apocalypse films, you’ll probably have been on the edge of your seat as you watch horrific end-of-the-world events. It’s interesting too to note that in today’s Bible verse Jesus talks about this kind of thing too. He says that even though this present world we live in has a sell-by-date, it will eventually be no more, but the word of God will last forever, it will never be destroyed. WOW. This surely says something of the power of God’s word.
This is just how important God’s word is in our lives. Have a think; what are the words God has given to your life, spoken either from the Bible or you’ve heard from others? Have a think about them, reflect on them, remember them, pray them over your life, God’s word is powerful, it is eternal, it will never fail.

Cube Challenge: Spend some time today thinking over God’s promises for your life.


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