A Perfect Day


“People, trust God all the time. Tell him all your problems, because God is our protection.” Psalm 62: 8 (NCV)

Ever had one of those days where everything went right? You had an absolutely perfect day. The weather might have been great, you got top marks on your exams or you had such a laugh with your mates, it was literally heaven on earth?

It can be so easy to trust God in these times can’t it? You don’t really need big faith to believe God when all is well in your world. It is however, in the tough times, when you’re going through the tough stuff, where it seems like there is no way out of your situation. It’s times like these, where trusting God really counts and becomes a lot harder.

Today’s verse says; “people, trust God all the time”. You have to be sure to trust God all the time, even when everything is coming against you and when everything is going well. God never changes, we can always trust Him to help us, deliver us, protect us and strengthen us whatever we go through.

Cube Challenge: Whatever you face today good or bad, be sure to trust God and His word. Don’t doubt or be unsure, but rather hold firm to what God says today!

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