Toxic Words


“When you talk, do not say harmful things, but say what people need – words that will help others become stronger.” Ephesians 4:29 (NCV)

Most houses have a cupboard, usually in the bathroom or under the kitchen sink, where people keep their chemicals to clean the house. You might have seen the different chemicals, many of them have different labels on them like ‘irritant’, ‘harmful’ or even, sometimes, and if it’s a really strong chemical it might say ‘toxic’.  Toxic chemicals are poisonous; they can burn the skin and be harmful to the environment.

Well, the Bible here is saying our words too can be ‘toxic’ (or harmful). When we get frustrated or are ourselves going through a hard time it can be easy to pull people down for a laugh and say things to try and undermine people.

Sometimes we can say things jokingly or just in passing, not actually realising they are hurtful to someone. We have to be so careful to keep ourselves from any ‘toxic’ words if we’re going to be sold-out followers of Jesus.  Watch your words and the things you say to others and about others, especially behind their back. Instead chose (as today’s verse says), to speak words that will help others become stronger.

Cube Challenge: Be someone who champions and speaks well of others today. Have of think of 3 different people you can Facebook, text, ring, Skype, email or tweet today that could do with encouragement – speak well of them, say what you like about them, speak good things into their life today.

Help others to become stronger today! 

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