Our fight


“Our fight is not against people on earth but against the rulers and authorities and the powers of evil in the heavenly world. This is why you need to put on God’s full armour.” Ephesians 6v12-13 (NCV)

Ever seen a fight on TV, the internet or even in real life?

Fights as you know involve different people coming against one another with the view of  either hurting or destroying the other person.They aren’t actually a nice thing to see.

It’s interesting that the Bible here describes some of the spiritual battles we face as Christians. It says that we have to fight the devil’s powers, attacks and temptations. As people who really want to make a stand, and shout Jesus to our world, the enemy (the devil) is threatened by our passion and the fire within us. So it’s so key that we’re clued up about the reality of the spiritual battles that come against us. The Bible here says we need to put on God’s full armour, this isn’t literal of course, God isn’t asking of you to go to the nearest history museum and borrow some armour!

No, this is spiritual weaponry, the rest of this chapter Ephesians 6, talks about this. It talks about some key things you can do that will help you stand, when you face difficulties with temptations and spiritual battles.

Cube Challenge: Grab your Bible or Bible app today – slowly read the whole of Ephesians chapter 6. Ask God to help you apply this ‘armour’ in your daily walk to stand against the devil, spiritual forces and temptations. 

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