I will praise you, O Lord, with my whole heart; I will tell of your marvelous works.’  Psalm 9v1

You’ll often hear someone say that something is ‘half-hearted’. This means doing something, but not really giving it your best. You go through the motions of what you’re doing, but your heart’s not fully in it, you’re not fully committed to it.

It can be like this at school, college or University, when you’re sat there in class, but you’re not fully engaged and your thoughts are wandering someplace else! You could be thinking about the football scores, meeting your friends later or what you’re going to have for dinner.

It can be like this too in our walk with God.

At Cube, church, or our own personal times with God, we can slip into the habit of simply going through the motions of singing praise, raising our hands and singing the songs, but on the inside we aren’t burning with a passion for what we’re singing about. In our heads we can activate ‘religious mode’. We do the right thing because it’s a part of our daily or weekly duties, but in doing so, we don’t really meet with God. We’re ‘there’, but we’re not ‘there’.

God hates it when praising Him becomes religious, too structured or boring. God wants to hear your heart; He wants you to think on all He’s done and really thank Him in worship. God above all wants relationship.

Today’s verse says ‘I will praise you, O Lord, with my whole heart’, God wants your whole heart ablaze for Him, worshiping Him. So hold nothing back today when you praise Him, don’t activate ‘religious mode’!

Cube Challenge: Pick a favourite couple of Christian tracks and spend time today praising God. Do it with all your heart, don’t be half-hearted.

Before you worship God, spend a couple of minutes thinking over all He’s done in your life, the lives of others and who the Bible says He is, and as you worship with this in mind, it will ignite a passion, so you get to praising Him with your whole heart today!


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