Do it again

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever’ – Hebrews 13:8 (NIV)

Have you ever seen a magician perform and wonder ‘how did you do that?’.

Whether the magician did some clever card trick , juggled something or made a coin disappear, some of the cleverly practised tricks leave you in awe, and because they’re so cool you might often ask, ‘do that again, do that again’.

It can be like this with God too, except when He does something it’s the real deal, there are no cheap tricks. This Sunday we heard Pastor Rick share about the power of testimony. A testimony is simply a story about what God has done in someone’s life. There were stories shared of God’s power to heal, restore, save and to supernaturally change a person.

From these stories it could be easy to think that the people who encountered God in these ways and saw His power and miracles were somehow special, better than someone else or super holy, but no, God loves everyone the same and is able to do again what He’s done before. Today’s verse says Jesus is always consist, His goodness never changes – He can easily do again awesome things for us, if we trust Him.

Cube Challenge: What areas in your life do you need healing, restoring, changing or help with, trust God He is able. Some things may seem impossible, but God is a God of the impossible, He is able to touch your life supernaturally and give you breakthrough. Trust Him!


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