Greater than anything


“You have made your name and your word greater than anything. On the day I called to you, you answered me. You made me strong and brave.” Psalm 138:2-3 (NCV)

Today in our society we hear so many voices of people telling us different things, they all give us their own opinion on life, what it’s about and how we should live it. There are so many voices on the internet, on TV, in magazines all after our attention, with an attempt to speak into our lives. 

At school, college, Uni or at work, you may get people who have strong views on a lot of issues telling you the right way to live, trying to tell you what is ‘true’, telling you that the ‘cool’ thing to do is x,y,z.

But actually today’s verse puts things in a perspective.

The Bible here says that your word is greater than anything else. The word of God is the Bible, and to be people sold-out for Jesus, we have to make a stand, we have to stand firm and be people who believe God’s word, the Bible. 

The Bible is so important to everything we do, it is supernatural, it has the power to change us, it is an all-powerful God speaking to us, wow! It’s so important you get into the Bible, grasp it, love it, hunger for it, read it, think about it and get a passion for it – it isn’t some weird old book, that is outdated, but is is God speaking to us, it covers nearly every topic in life you could think about and it is so key in our lives today!

Cube Challenge: Make a decision today to build your life on God’s word. If you haven’t already, download a Bible app for your tablet or smartphone ( even buy or borrow one), get reading today! (Start with the book of Mark and check out the life of Jesus)

If you already read the Bible, why not step up your reading? Spend an extra 10-15 minuets than you normally would really the Bible – do it slowly and prayerfully – let God speak to you today!


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