Love forever

love forever

“The Lord is good. His love is forever, and his loyalty goes on and on” – Psalm 100:5 (NCV)

It’s interesting that in the world today we have so many different ideas of what ‘love’ looks like. We see in ‘RomCom’ films, in books, magazines, on the TV and the internet what ‘love’ is. Most of the pictures we get of love are something that depends on our feelings and emotions and on what kind of mood we’re in.

We can often believe that love is something we should do only when others love us first or when others deserve it, but if someone has upset or hurt us, then the last we often want to do is to love them, it’s seem unnatural to the way we’ve been taught to think.

But the love God has for us is not like this.

God loves us unconditionally, His love never fails us and He loves us when we don’t deserve it.

When we do things that don’t please God – God loves us enough to forgive us. God’s love isn’t flakey and doesn’t change depending on what mood He’s in or what side of the bed He woke up on ! God doesn’t change, His love is consistent and He will keep on loving us, despite our issues and struggles – God’s love is forever.

Cube Challenge: This weekend, grab a Bible or Bible app; read as much of Luke’s Gospel as you can, as you do, look at the life of Jesus and how He loved people wherever He went. When you read ask God to show you how much He loves you and is crazy about you!

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