Speak Life

speak lif
The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.  Proverbs 18:21
How many times have we heard something that’s really blessed us?
A kind word, a thank you, a show of appreciation. Sometimes our day can take a different turn, depending on what people say to us. Equally, I bet we’ve all felt that piercing feeling that strikes the very core of our being when we hear an unkind word, someone speaks bad of us, a loved one doesn’t appreciate the effort we’ve gone to or the thing that’s most important to us is the target of a harsh tongue. We will “eat of the fruit” of our tongue, so what we sow we will reap one day.
Let us not be known as people with a tongue of death, but let us have the ability to bring life to people with our words. Over the next week in every situation you find yourself in, take time to stop and think before you speak. We can stop gossip with a loving, positive view of the other person. Compliment someone you feel needs to hear it and enjoy seeing them smile. Encourage one another to not be tired of doing good! May God bless you as you reap the benefits of your life-giving tongue!
Cube Challenge: Make an effort today to speak life with your words today in every conversation. 

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