Faith Walk


“For we live by faith, not by sight.” –  2 Cor 5:7 (NIV)

Sometimes in our lives as Christians we have to use our faith and trust God even when it seems like the things He’s spoken to us through the Bible or spoken to us through a friend or leader isn’t happening right now.  We can feel sometimes like ‘whoa, what’s going on’ , we have had this amazing promise spoken over us, yet right now, we’ve got this problem at school, we’ve got all of these family issues – we can often find ourselves questioning, ‘is this promise really gonna happen?’.

It’s so important that you hold firm to what God’s said over you, be strong, be patient; His promises are true, they can never fail. When it comes to God’s promise, you have to see it, before you see it or you’ll never see it.

It’s at times when everything looks bad in the natural; we have to activate our faith. The Bible here says we don’t walk by sight, the Christian journey is about faith in God, not about relying always on what we see with our natural eyes.

Cube Challenge: Have a think of the things God has promised you from the Bible or when He’s spoken to you from someone else, write a list of these down (or stick them on your smartphone/tablet), and every morning get up and speak these things over your life, pray them into being until they happen! 


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