Getting around the right people


“A wise man will hear and increase in learning and a man of understanding will attain wise counsel” –  Proverbs 1v5 (NKJV)

When you have a problem and need advice where do you turn? Most of us would probably say to our parents, our best mates, getting info from our school, the internet, college, TV, our work mates or other family members.

It’s obviously not always bad to get advice and help from these people, all of these people can at times give us sound advice. But today’s says how we must be careful about who speaks into our lives. This Bible verse says a man (or woman) of understanding will attain wise counsel. In other words, this means you should get advice from wise people. Everyone we know will have their take on what to do in different situations, but true wisdom comes from God.

Get around people who are really love and respect God, who walk close with Him. These people are the best to give us sound spiritual advice when we need help and encouragement, when we face problems.

So remember to be careful who speaks into your life, not all advice is good advice, get wise counsel. Be sure to get around the right people, because you become like those who you’re with, be shaped by godly people who carry God’s wisdom.

Cube Challenge: If you need advice, help or information on issues you’re facing right now, why not see about to connecting to some people you know who are really walking with God, or some of the Cube leaders, who can help you on your journey and share God’s wisdom. Be wise – get around the right people!

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