Carry it on

carry t on


“Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”  – Philippians 1v6  (NIV)

Have you ever started to do something, like cleaning your room or some homework, and found yourself getting distracted and starting to do something else? Only to when you come back to what you where doing you started to find that the task isn’t finished. Things like this often happen in our lives.

When Jesus becomes our Lord and friend, we begin a journey to become like him, so that we can show Jesus to those around us. Today’s Bible verse in the book of Philippians, shows us a wonderful truth about how God works in our lives; once he has started to work in us, he won’t get bored or distracted by “stuff” and forget the work he was doing in our lives.

In fact, when God starts to change us He promises us that he will “carry on” or continue this until we meet with Jesus in heaven. So even
when we cannot see how God is changing us, we know he is, we’re just not able to how or where yet.

Cube challenge: Take 10 minutes today and think back to the day you met Jesus. Try to remember what you were like, how you spent your time, how you talked, for example, and see how God has changed you. Take some time to write these things down and thank God for what he is doing in your life. 


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