Get fit!


‘Train yourself to be godly’ – 1 Timothy 4v7 (NIV)

Do you enjoy going out to the gym and doing exercise?

I’m not sure anyone enjoys physical discipline or exercise, but its so key to keep fit and live healthy. As well as being disciplined and keeping fit physically, it’s really important to ‘get fit’ spiritually too. Today’s verse says you have to train yourself to be godly, this means it is a discipline and requires some effort to follow God radically and to be a ‘burning one’ for Him.

To be man or woman of God, you will have to do things to help you get fit and strong spiritually. You can just do things for a ‘one off’, but you have to daily do things consistently to be strong. With physical exercise  it may take a while to see the effects of your training, to see you get fit in the way you want, but you have to stick at it., it can be the same spiritually too.

However, it’s not about doing these things to please God, God is already pleased with you, but by doing certain things you’ll be fitter and stronger for Him, more effective and better positioned to shout God’s greatness to the world around you!

As we go into a new week there are a list of things you can do everyday to help be spiritually fit and consistently burning for Jesus.

Cube Challenge:  This week;

pray for at least 15 minutes each day

read the Bible at least 20 minutes each day

pray for some of your mates or family who don’t know God yet – that they become a Christian

Write down 4 or 5 of your favorite Bible verses and learn them off by heart.

-Do this spiritual work-out and you will spiritually ‘GET FIT‘ – this week. 




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