Going on a holiday


“I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.” Romans 8v18 (NIV)

We all love going on summer holidays right?

Going somewhere nice with the people you love is always a great thing.But I’m sure the best thing most Christians look forward to is being with Jesus in heaven. To be honest when we realise what heaven will be like it makes most people want to be there much much more.

But how would we feel without the promise of heaven after we die. For most Christians the promise of being with Jesus in heaven is enough to make us all carry on through the good and the bad. This Cubite is not to make non-Christians feel hopeless but it should make Christians want to share their joy with the people they know.

For us we know even if the rest of our lives are terrible having Jesus and faith that if we just keep on we will be in paradise forever with Him. At school many of us remember always waiting for the holidays and half terms. Knowing that they were only round the corner made boring or upsetting days at school bearable. People need to know about the joy we have knowing we can go to heaven.

Cube Challenge: Spend some time with God today, put on a favorite Christian track and talk to God. Ask Him fill you with hope and understanding about the promise of an amazing eternity with Him. When you get this, you get a bigger picture and perspective and its shrinks our problems down to size.Β 


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