“The LORD is a warrior; the LORD is his name.” – Exodus 15v3

Have you ever been a fan of these war films you see on TV? Where you see huge armies, kings, warriors and generals fighting each other for victory.

When you look at these mighty warriors in these films they had to strong, fierce and daring, up for anything and ready to fight every enemy and win great victories for their king and country.

Well, the same thing is true of us as followers of Christ, as in a sense God wants us to like warriors. Of course, that doesn’t mean we should be looking for a fight wanting to beat people up! But it does mean God wants us to courageous, strong in Him, daring and bold, ready to step out in everything God has for us. It means we have to be spiritually strong. God wants us to be always ready and always prepared to fight the powers of darkness by bringing the love and light of Christ into every situation.

Have a think how you can be like a warrior today? Which areas of your life do you need God to make stronger?

Cube Challenge: Ask God to help you today to become stronger, so you can be the warrior He wants you to be. 


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