Pray and obey

pray and obey

“But don’t just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says. Otherwise, you are only fooling yourselves.” – James 1v22 (NLT)

It can be so easy to hear a great message on a Friday at Cube or on Sunday morning’s, we can come away, be inspired, feel full of faith and fire ready to really shout Jesus, and then through the week, slip away.

We can throughout the week, forget all God has said of us and asked us to do. That’s why if we are going to grow in God and be the people He wants us to be, then we have to obey God’s word.

It’s not always easy to obey God’s word. It can at times feel so impossible, if we keep messing up and struggling with some of the things the Bible asks us to do. It’s like when our parents ask us to do something that we may not always want to do, the important thing is to do what we’re told, because it’s actually for our good, to bless us, to protect us, to save us from a big mess or even danger even though we maybe can’t see it at the time. It becomes easier to do what the word says the more we stay connected to Christ, the more we pray to Him. When we stay connected to Christ, He softens our heart, He fills us with love, He gives us the help and strength to do things for Him, that might feel difficult in our strength. so the key is to pray and obey!

Cube Challenge: Ask God to help you obey His word throughout the week, and change you as you walk with Him day by day. 


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