Constructive criticism



“If you listen to constructive criticism, you will be at home among the wise“. – Proverbs 15v31 (NLT)

You ever had someone give you some constructive criticism and you’ve felt like ‘ouch!’, ‘that hurt’.

You knew deep down inside it was true what they said, but it felt harsh when they said it. Sometimes we don’t always want to hear the truth about ourselves, but it’s often needed to help us recognize where we are and how we can grow into all God has for our lives.

To be people who really are ‘burning ones’ for Jesus, shining Him to the world around us, it’s important we allow certain trusted people like leaders or older Christians who are really going for God speak into our lives and give us honest, truthful words of advice to help us go forward and become more like Jesus and to help us serve and live for God better.

It’s so important that we keep ourselves teachable and are open to the advice and constructive criticism both from leaders, but also from the Lord.

There are times God is saying stuff to us and challenging us to not do certain things or go down certain paths. God’s criticism and advice to us is always constructive, that means it is to build us up and make us stronger, holier and more like Jesus. It is never to tear us down, shame or criticize us for the sake of it. God isn’t’ keeping things back from you, He has your best interests at heart, He sees the bigger picture. 

Be open to constructive criticism from God and from others today!

Cube Challenge: Over the weekend begin to read the book of proverbs, don’t worry if you don’t finish it, just begin to get into the truth of God’s word.

As you do, be open to anything God might be challenging on.

Be open to the constructive criticism of leaders and other Christians who might challenging you today.

Keep this attitude and it will help you grow into all God has for you 


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