‘How priceless is is your unfailing love! Both high and low among men find refuge in the shadow of your wings.‘ – Psalm 36v7

Have you ever been chatting to someone when you ask how much something is worth and they say ‘priceless’.

This is often talking about something that is so valuable you simply can’t put a price on it. Well it’s exactly the same with today’s Bible verse, it says that God’s amazing love is priceless. His love is so massive that you can’t put a price on it, it is so amazing and life-changing. It’s is so valuable that we shouldn’t take it lightly. The truth is we shouldn’t take it for granted that we are loved and forgiven by a perfect, all-knowing God, but it should always motivate us to give more of our lives to Him, to be more surrendered to Him.

We will never be perfect in this, but we should always aim to give God our very best. When we get the picture of how priceless God’s love is for us, it should always lead us to give our heart to God that much more.

Cube Challenge: Have a think today about some areas in your life that you could be more committed to God, and ask Him to help you in those areas to be the best you can be for Him. 



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