“God is not a God of confusion but a God of peace.” 1 Corinthians 14:33 (NCV)

I dunno about you but sometimes in life we can get so confused. We can be unsure where to turn, what to do, we think one thing is right, then it comes to light the complete opposite is true. We find ourselves in a state of total confusion, we’re not sure which way is up. But the Bible here is saying that confusion does come from God. Instead He seeks to bring peace to our lives and to the situation we might be facing right now. We so often look to other people and other things in the midst of confusion to help us and make stuff clear to us, but it’s God alone who gives us a sense of peace. The real meaning of peace in the Bible means, nothing missing, nothing broken, completeness and wholeness. In the middle of confusion and being unsure, turn to God He gives you His peace and makes you complete in Him.

Cube Challenge: If you’re middle of feeling confused and unsure, like life’s turned upside down right now. Turn to God and ask Him for His peace to fill your heart. If you’re feeling good right now, as God to bring peace to those who you know, who are having struggles in life right now.


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