The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it,
the world, and all who live in it; for he founded it on the seas
and established it on the waters.

Psalm 24:1-2

Take a look outside today. See how the trees move in the breeze. Watch how the sun sets and the moon knows its his turn to rise. Observe how the bee transports pollen and creates honey ; did you know a third of the food we eat wouldn’t be available if it wasn’t for bees? Look at the night sky and how the stars burn brightly, each held in place by the force of gravity- another mystery of the world!

Did you wake up today? ‘Well duh! If we did, that means we’re alive!’

We have been given life rather than death. We were created, shaped, formed exactly the way God wanted us to be. Every thing on the Earth belongs to God. Long before we were even born, God spoke and life existed. Nothing on Earth exists without a purpose – everything has a job and a reason for existence. From the microscopic fairy fly to the ginormous blue whale, every single living thing has a job to do and a way in which to do it. That includes you!!

We may not fully know yet the reason why we are here. We may sometimes question our purpose in life. We may even question the reason for our existence. The brilliant news is that there’s one person who knows everything. The same God who decided where to put each of the billions of stars in place, is the same God who makes the sun give energy and the moon give gravity. He’s the same God who formed the seas and the countries and makes sure you have oxygen to breathe. He’s the same God who made Lazarus return to life and fed five thousand out of the lunch box of a small boy. He’s the same God who came to Earth to die for us so that we may live the life he intended us to.

We may feel small and insignificant at times. We may feel that we don’t make a difference. We may think no one would notice if we weren’t here, but there is a plan for our life. There is a destiny that each of us have ahead of us. If the tiny fairy fly has a purpose then we do too. He chooses to let us breathe today. Even if we can’t see what lies ahead or the reason we are here, there’s a God who we belong to, who knows that reason exactly.

Cube Challenge: Today thank God for who he is, for what he’s done and for what he will do. Thank God for the trees that give us oxygen, for the bees that help give us crops and for the rain that gives us green grass. Thank God you’re alive today!




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