“(In order that) times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord.” – Acts 3v19 (NASB)

We’ve all felt the hot whether recently. Some people like it, some people don’t.

But whatever you’re doing in this period of hot weather, we can all get hot and sweaty. If we are busy doing work or various other tasks, the heat can wear us down, cause us to feel extra worn and tired. We feel the need for a cold shower, an ice cream or a cold drink. But yet, when we do we feel so refreshed. It’s such a great feeling being refreshed on a hot day, there’s nothing like it.

Well that same feeling of being refreshed, is what we can experience when we draw close to God. In your life right now there could be difficult situations that are making you tired and weary. It could be with your family, work, college or school situation that is wearing you down, but when you encounter the presence of God you can be refreshed.

To experience God’s refreshing power it’s so important you intentionally spend some extra time with God. The temptation can be to sometimes take things easy and relax, which is good but we should never relax from God’s presence, it’s in the ‘secret place’ alone with God, that we are changed and our struggles shrink down to their proper size and when get refreshed by God it’s awesome.

Cube Challenge: Whatever you’re doing today be sure to spend extra time with Jesus; it’s in His presence that you are ‘refreshed’ from the issues of life.


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