“Seek the LORD and his strength;  seek his presence continually!” – 1 Chronicles 16:11  

Often we might hear the question people ask each other, ‘oh so, how long should I pray for?’ – or ‘how much time do I need to spend with God everyday?’

It’s an interesting question and is a cool one to ask when done from the right motive, but as important as spending time in the morning or evening to seek God is, today’s verse says seek his presence continually. This mean everywhere we go can be a time for meeting with God, not just at Cube, Church on Sunday or during our ‘quiet times’.

Every spare 5 minutes you have, on the bus, on the train or walking home –  be intentional about meeting with God. Be sure to keep on turning your attention towards God, whether getting out your Bible, checking out a Bible app or daily verse app, or praying in your head to God, whatever is best for you. Find something that works you for and be sure to be intentional about meeting with God, as this continual connection with God will build a stronger walk with God and make you a stronger person in Jesus.

The truth is He loves you so, so much and wants to meet with you all the time. He’s longing and waiting for you. Remember to seek his presence continually!

Cube Challenge: Be intentionally about seeking God today. Keep on drawing your attention to Go throughout the day!


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