Mighty to save

mighty to save

‘The LORD your God is with you, He is mighty to save.’ – Zephaniah 3:17

Do you remember watching the programs about superheroes as a young kid? Figures like Batman or Superman would come in, fight off the enemies and pretty much save the day!

Well it’s it’s the same idea we’re talking about for today’s Bible verse. Today’s verse says God is mighty to save. That means that He can come, like the ‘superhero’s’ on TV and save you! God can meet you right where you’re at and save you from your struggle with sin, doubt, temptation or sickness. God is amazing and He is mighty to save. If you call out to Him in faith and trust on His word, He will come through, He will never fail you and you will know breakthrough in your situation.

Don’t forget, our God is mighty to save!!

Cube Challenge: Spend some time alone with God today, pray and worship and as you do bring your needs and situation before Him, pray with faith and remember – He is mighty to save!!

As you pray and worship – check out this media: Mighty to Save (Live – with Lyrics) by Hillsong United – YouTube


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