Keep your eyes on Jesus

Though he may stumble, he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with his hand’. Psalm 37v24    Sometimes in our Christian journey we can be doing so well and really aiming to make a stand for Jesus. We can have had a couple of great months, growing in God and enjoying Cube and really moving forward in the things of God. And yet in the midst of this we can sometimes be enjoying the blessings and success God gives and gradually take our foot off the gas spiritually. We can slowly ‘chill out’ from the things of God without even realising it. We can find we get distracted with a million different other things than God and take our eyes off Jesus. In doing this, we open ourself up to temptation, and often the end result of this will be that we stumble and sin in a particular area of our lives. But even though this can be the case, the love and grace of God is so amazing that if we do stumble, God picks us up and He won’t let us ultimately fall. God will uphold you with His hand. Be encouraged!! Cube challenge: Remember to keep your eyes on Jesus, He will keep you from falling. He will keep you on track. Keep on bringing your attention towards Him. He’s so awesome and worth being the centre of your focus today. 


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