Hide and seek


But seek first the kingdom of God  – Matthew 6:33

Do you remember playing the game ‘hide and seek’ as a kid?

You may have spent countless summer evenings running off and hiding in the bushes with some mates, and when it was your turn to find people, would spend ages running around, seeking your mates until you found them and got them.

In order to win this game and beat everyone, you’d have to seek out your mates, really intensely until you got them, it wasn’t easy always, but when you kept looking with determination you’d find them.

God wants us to be like that with Him. There are so many things we could spend our time seeking out in life; money, acceptance, an attractive boyfriend (or girlfriend), the latest gadget or material thing. But none of that will ever satisfy, only knowing and walking with Jesus will. God wants you to seek first Him, above all of these other things. Intentionally seek after God until you meet with Him – like the game of ‘hide and seek’ – if you keep on seeking after Him you will meet with Him in a big way.

Cube Challenge: Take some time today to seek after God. Why not miss a meal, some time on the internet, watching TV or meeting with mates, and instead spend that time alone with God. Be sure to seek after Him  – you will meet with Him!!


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