All you really need. . .


“No, the Lord is all I need. He takes care of me.” Psalm 16:5 (NCV)

We see so many adverts on the TV and online trying to sell us new stuff all the time.

The ads try and say ‘you this need, you need that, you need the other’. They say you need the latest iPad, the latest XboX, the latest jacket, outfit or smartphone. We constantly  get this stuff coming at us all the time. But with all of this stuff, as fun as it maybe for a while, isn’t truly what we really need. But the Bible here is saying, no, the Lord is all I need. He takes care of me. We need to have Jesus at the centre of our lives. He alone is the reason that we should live, He alone fills the void in our hearts, He alone satisfies us, He alone can truly take care of us.

Cube Challenge: Have a think today. Are there areas in your life you’re putting before God, are there things you’re focusing on that are taking the place of Jesus in your life?

Bring these things before God, ask God for forgiveness and ask Jesus to be the centre of your life today, as you do, you will know His amazing life and peace in a fresh way. 


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