Jesus-centred convo’s

jesus centre

“There must be no evil talk among you, and you must not speak foolishly or tell evil jokes. These things are not right for you. Instead you should be giving thanks to God.” Ephesians 5:4 (NCV)

Have you ever said something about someone and regretted it? It can be so easy to let your tongue slip and say things behind someone’s back that you’d never say to their face.

Today’s verse really challenges this; it says there must be no evil talk among you.  It’s so important as followers of Jesus that you speak well of people, using your words to build up others, encourage and bless others, even behind someone’s back.

Evil Talk, unkind words, gossiping, back biting and rude jokes shouldn’t be a part of the life of a sold-out-for-God, Jesus follower. Today’s verse does go on to say these things are not right for you. Check your heart today; are you free from evil talk?

Instead be sure to strike up Jesus-centred chats to those you get around today. Speak faith, hope and love!!

Cube Challenge: Spend at least a good half an hour with God this morning. Worship Him, thank Him, talk to Him, and pour out your heart to Him. Be sure today though to ask God to be a person  who speaks well of others and is free from any evil talk. Ask God to lead you into Jesus centred convo’s today! Speak faith, hope and love! Shout Jesus!


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