‘For with you is the fountain of life; in your light we see life’ – Psalm 36

We can so often look to so many different things and experiences to find ‘life’. We can look to things like clubbing, sex, relationships or friendships.

But the truth is that only in Jesus is there true life. Only in Him is there true hope.

Today’s verse says that with you is the fountain of life. Guys, the truth is that knowing Jesus for yourself – hearing His voice, reading His word and talking to Him (and not just about Him) is the key to finding true life. Be sure to put Jesus first, looking to Him and the life He can offer you.

Don’t think you need to copy the patterns and behavior of this world in its search for ‘life’. Make a stand, be different – be determined to find and know for yourself the life only Jesus can offer you. He loves you, He’s not upset or in a bad mood with you and He’s waiting to meet you, where you are at today. Turn to Jesus and find true life and hope in Him today.

Cube Challenge: Be determined to be a radical – make a stand for Jesus.

But it starts by knowing and walking with Him. This can start today! Be sure to get alone with God today for at least 20 minutes. It might seem like a long time, but once you start to meet with Jesus, He’ll meet you and before you realise it, the time will fly by. Find the life Jesus gives today!!


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