My son

sons and aughters

For in Christ Jesus you are all sons of God, through faith. Galatians 3v26

Whatever type of family you were brought up in, good or bad – when you become a Christian, you get adopted into God’s family.

This is awesome, because, regardless of your own family situation, this means that you now join and become part of a new family, a heavenly one – where God wants to be your father. How awesome is that? For some of you, the idea of a father is a mean person who you’ve maybe lost respect for or even hasn’t treated you well growing up.

But God wants to be your heavenly father, who will never leave you. He will never neglect, abuse you or let you down. He’s crazy about you and loves us unconditionally. He wants to adopt you into His family and reveal His plans for your life. God loves and wants to call you a son (or daughter) today!

CubeΒ Challenge: Ask God to reveal His fatherly love for you, as you go throughout this week. Trust Him – because He will speak to you


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