“I said to myself, “Relax, because the Lord takes care of you.” – Psalm 116:7 (NCV)

Do you ever get really stressed out? In life it can be so easy to let things get on top of us, and we can get bogged down with all kinds of stuff. It could be exams, coursework, school, jobs or relationships. Whatever you face, it’s important to see things with the proper perspective.

Be like the writer of today’s Bible verse, he reminds himself to ‘relax’. You might say, “How can I relax in the midst of all these problems”? Well, it’s important to remind yourself that the Lord, who is greater than everyone and everything is for you, He takes care of you and He loves you. As you put your trust and hope in Him, He will never fail you.

No matter your problems, don’t worry. Worry doesn’t change anything, but prayer does. As you pray and bring your issues to God, He can give you His peace and make a way through them. So remind yourself to ‘relax’ – God is big enough to help you get through whatever you’re up against.

Cube challenge: Stressed or worried? Bring your problems to God, He will be you’re your help. Take 15 minutes today to bring your problems to God; trust Him, He will help you through them and out to the other side! RELAX! God is for you.


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