Keep safe


“He who guards his mouth and his tongue keeps himself from calamity.” Proverbs 21:23 NIV

Have you ever said something you wish you could take back straight after you’ve said it?

The problem is however, once we speak out our words we can’t take them back. Yes there can be apologies made and people can forgive us for the stuff we say, but we can never take back our words. Today’s verse here gives us some great advice about this. It says that if we guard our mouth it will keep us from calamity.

This is really saying that when we watch what we say and when we make a decision to honour God with our words and speak well of others, it will keep us from disaster (or calamity). When we follow God’s plan in this area of our lives, it can save us many problems, arguments, anger and hurt (towards others).

To do this, we need to guard our mouths, watch our words, even ‘bite our tongue’ if needed and chose to not voice out our frustrations but instead, we need to choose to be a people, who can bring our feelings and emotions to God and give it over to Him.

He can help us by trading our anger, hurt, frustrations, bitterness for His speech and His attitude of kindness, love and honour. God wants to keep you safe from disasters, from relational problems, but you have to give your feelings over to Him in surrender. Let Him take charge of your feelings and He will keep you safe.

Cube Challenge:  Be intentional today to guard your mouth! Let your words honour God and other people. Ask God to help you with this, when you feel tempted or annoyed – He will give you His peace and strength in the middle of the relational challenges you find yourself in.


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