Calling out


‘And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.’ – Joel 2v32 (NIV)

As a little kid you will probably have been told by your parents to shout out and call for help if you were in danger or trouble. As we grow older the need to call out to people is still important, of course it may look a little different and we have different needs and issues. We can so often call out for help to the wrong people and look for that help in the wrong places. We can so often go to mates or family when, try as they might, they can’t really help us.

Today’s verse says that everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. When we need help, Jesus should be the first place we run. It’s Jesus that has the power to save us from our sin, sickness, depression or addictions. He is our Saviour, our healer and our deliverer and He really, really does love us. If you call out to Him, if you call on His name in faith, He won’t disappoint you or let you down and He can save you from your pit.

Cube Challenge: Write down some of the main issues in your life that you’re struggling with at the moment – lift them to Jesus, call out in faith and He won’t let you down!

If you have never given your full life over to serve Jesus, why not ask Him today – He will free you from your pit, He will break your chains and give you an amazing hope and new life!


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