Too exciting?


Ecclesiastes 12:1-3 – “Don’t let the excitement of youth cause you to forget your Creator. (NLT)

As a young person life can be so exciting we so many different things happening all the time. It can be a busy time too, with loads of different things going on at school, college or Uni. It can also be a busy time of making new mates, hanging out with mates and socialising. Being young should be an amazing and exciting time of your life, but today’s verse is saying that you shouldn’t let the excitement of youth cause you to forget your Creator.

This verse can be so true that in the midst of the excitement and busyness of your life, Jesus can sometimes be pushed to one side. There are many things in this generation that are after our attention and time, but it’s so key we take time to think and reflect on what really matters, on what our true priorities actually are. It’s so important that we build our lives on Jesus and that He is at the centre of all we are and do. Remember, don’t forget your creator and put Jesus at the centre!!

Cube Challenge: Here’s a few quick things you can do today to develop your walk with Jesus;

1. Spend some time alone with God (at least 15 minutes)

2. Grab a Bible (or use your Bible app) and pick a chapter of the Gospels and read through it (see what God is saying to you)

3. Check out your weekly timetable (if you have one) and have a look for some spare time this coming week – so where you could fit some fit in an extra ‘Jesus-related’ activity (here’s a list of potential ideas) ;

– You might want to grab a coffee/drink with a Christian mate or a youth leader (there’s power in people encouraging each other)

– See if there are ways you could help out at Church or for Cube

– Spend some extra alone with Jesus (this will help you grow, it’ll never be wasted. He wants to meet with you so much)

– You might want to fast this week (miss a meal, give up chocolate or TV – whatever you want. This will help you draw your attention away from the natural to the supernatural).


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