More to life

more to life

“Jesus said to his disciples: I tell you not to worry about your life! Don’t worry about having something to eat or wear. Life is more than food or clothing” – Luke 12:22-23

Have you ever heard the expression ‘there’s more to life than that’?

It’s a pretty common saying we’ll often use to talk about something little that we make a big deal about, but in the vast scheme of things it isn’t really that important. This is exactly what Jesus is saying here to His followers. He is challenging us as His followers also, not to make too much of a big deal of things that in the light of eternity, don’t really matter too much.

We can so often be so obsessed by what we wear, or the kind of different food we eat, and worry about little things like these. We can be focused on how we look and what others think of us, that we have to have the right ‘look’ and  wear the latest fashion labels.

Of course it’s not wrong to look nice or dress smart, it not wrong  to enjoy nice food either, but these things shouldn’t completely control our lives, because Jesus calls us out from this world, to a higher standard, where living for materialism or the pleasure we get from food no longer should rule in our hearts. Let Jesus rule in your life, and we can enjoy the benefits of walking closely with Him. So remember, don’t worry about having something to eat or wear. Life is more than food or clothing. Don’t worry about chasing after these things, instead look to Jesus, all you truly need in found in Him.

Cube Challenge: Ask Jesus today to help you live and make decisions with eternity in mind. 



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