Very Courageous


‘Be strong and very courageous’ – Joshua 1v1  

Have your ever seen a movie or heard of a story of someone on the News who stepped out and did something amazing. They might have been a solider going beyond the ‘call of duty’ or just an average guy or girl who stepped out to protect someone or save a life.

However, to be someone who does something amazing like this, it is essential to be a person of strength and courage. Today’s verse says to ‘be strong and very courageous’. This same thing is should be true in our lives as Christians. In order to be people who live as radical and devoted followers of Christ and do everything that God is asking of us, it’s so important to be very courageous.  God doesn’t just want us to be courageous, but very courageous!

What are the ways in which you can be very courageous for God this week? In what ways can you make a stand for Him, at college, work, in your families, at school or Uni?

Cube Challenge: Spend some time alone with God today. Be sure to pour out your heart to Him. Ask Him to show you which ways He wants you to make a stand for Him. 


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