Enjoy the journey

Rejoice, O young man, in your adolescence, and let your heart cheer you in the days of your [full-grown] youth. Ecclesiastes 11:3

You ever been on a flight, train or car journey and have been anxiously waiting to get to your destination? You might have kept on saying ‘are we there yet?’, just to hear a friend or parent turn around and say ‘enjoy the journey’.

It can be life this so often in our lives too as Christians. We can want to run ahead into the things that God has for us, even though they aren’t for now. Today’s verse talk about the importance of rejoicing in your adolescence. In other words, enjoy being young! Learn the art of enjoying the race where you’re at. Regardless of how you feel or how well school or Uni life is treating you, you can still rejoice in God, when you live with an eternal perspective and put Jesus at the centre.

When your eyes are fixed on Jesus, when you are looking to Him, engaging with His word, getting into His presence, life makes scene, all is bearable and He will give you His strength to get through the season your in and not only survive, but to thrive.

Cube Challenge: Regardless of what you’re going through today, be sure to rejoice in God. This means to praise and thank Him, maybe even when you don’t feel like it. Ask God also, to help you live this week with an eternal perspective – live in the light of living forever!! journey


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