All the time

I will extol the Lord at all times; His praise will always be on my lips‘ – Psalm 34v1

It can be easy to thank God for stuff when all is going well, can’t it? When the sun is shining, things are going well in our world, the family is getting along well or life has little problems for us in that moment.

It can however,  be much harder to press through and thank God in the tough times. When we have no money, when we have problems in our relationships, when we have doubts and questions and life is just pretty tough in general.

But it’s so key we our intentional about still thanking Jesus in the midst of these harder seasons of life. Jesus is always good, He’s crazy about you, He loves you so much, He died for you and suffered so much that you could have an abundant and free life. When you focus on what He did for you it shrinks your problems down to their proper place. So today, be like the writer of this verse he said he ‘d extol (or praise) the Lord at all times.

Even when times are tough still look to God and praise Him, thank Him and remember what He’s done. When you do this you‘ll get the strength to get through your situation! Look to Jesus, all the time!

Cube Challenge: Be intentional today about praising God today, look to Him and He will strengthen you!! 


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