Run and Hide


‘God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble’. – Psalm 46 v 1

Often when you watch programs on TV or see stuff in the news about hurricanes or earthquakes in certain parts of the world, you can see the havoc, chaos and just how scary it is when these natural disasters happen. In these countries that often have these disasters happening, they will often have a refuge in many places through the city. These are safe places, where people can hide from the danger and havoc caused by a natural disaster, and find safety and protection.

Today’s verse is using this same picture for us. It says, God is our refuge – this means that when chaos and havoc is kicking-off all around us, we can run in His presence and find rest, peace, shelter and safety. Being in God’s presence shelters us from the storms of life that hit. Storms can hit us and hit us hard. There can be storms in your life of having no money, family problems, relational issues, peer pressures, and the challenge of studies.

However, one of the ways that followers of Jesus can be different to those aren’t Christians is because unlike the world, when the storms hit – we don’t have to fall apart, have a breakdown or feel hopeless and helpless, because there is a place we can run and hide and be safe. God shelters us from the problems we find ourselves in. Be sure to run and hide in His amazing presence!

Cube Challenge: Whatever you’ve been going through this week, be sure to make God your refuge – spend time alone in His presence, He will shelter you from the storms of life you face. He will comfort you and keep you safe.


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