Pay attention

pay attentio

‘When they were in Egypt, they paid no attention to your marvelous deeds or your wonderful love. And they turned against you at the Red Sea.’ – Psalm 106:7 (CEV) 

You ever been in trouble from a teacher in class for paying no attention? I’m sure we’ve all had times in classes, conversations and other events in our life where you lost focus, became distracted and began looking to other things instead.

Well, this is exactly what this Bible verse is saying. This was the problem of God’s people (the nation of Israel) in the Old Testament part of the Bible. God was doing loads of awesome stuff, performing many miracles, defeating their enemies, pouring His love out to them and yet they paid no attention, in other words they didn’t seem interested, and because of their attitude, they turn against the Lord (at the Red Sea). 

Be sure to be someone today, who is thankful to God for all He has done and is doing, and be wide-open to all God wants to do in and through you. Remember to be a person who pays attention to the amazing things God is doing.

Cube Challenge: Ask the Lord today to keep your focus centered on Him today. Be intentionally gratefully and thankful for all God is doing in your life and at CUBE. 


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